Public Administration International (PAI) is please to invite interested applicants to its WHEN CITIZENS COMPLAIN: For Ombudsman, Commissioners, Complaint handing organiztion - 22 to 26 June 2015 program. A 10% discount on tuition fee will be given if payment received no later than 30 days before the start of the program. Visit their website at for application and more information.

Live Help

The Kiribati Public Service Office wishes to inform our valued customers that we have set up our online live help on our website for serving you more effectively and efficiently.  If you may have any questions relating to the public service even trainings, national condition of service or any general questions,  you can kindly just click on the LiveHelp icon on the top center of our website.  The first available staff will help you straight away.  

If no staff available online you can still click on it but leave your email in the box provided and whatever queries/questions you may have and just click on the SEND button.  

We will send you our respond to your email.

Kam raba


Please note that Applications are invited from people who wish to study or
resume studies at USP in Semester I 2015. This includes:

   - Individuals who have never studied at USP and wish to undertake
   studies in Sem. I 2015.
   - Individuals who did not take up their offer in 2014.
   - Continuing students who have had a lapse of studies of one or more
   - Continuing students who are applying for a higher programme - eg.
   those moving from Preliminary Studies to Foundation Studies; from
   Foundation Studies to Degree Studies, or from Degree Studies to
   Postgraduate Studies.
   - Continuing students who will finish one programme this semester and
   want to take up another programme next semester.

For any of the above the admissions form needs to be completed and
submitted to SAS manually or online.



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