Pending Study Assistance Refunds

A kaongoaki koraki ake a oti araia inano bwa a karekea reitakiia ma te HRMC - PSO nte tai ae waekoa ibukin kabwaninan rongorongon ami bubuti iaon te Study Assistance Scheme. Karekeira iaon tareboon namba 22790 ke bon roko nte aobiti n aoan te makuri.

Aikai arami:

Full Name Min/SoE Semester Pending Reason
Ituantaake Taariri SLHS 4/2013 no result
Longona Marewea MoE 4/2013 inv & receipt on UU114
Mwakaata Ebanrerei St Joseph 4/2013 no result, receipts
Rineieta Iuta MoE 4/2013 no receipts
Taberaniti Kaibure St Joseph 4/2013 no result, receipts
Teitinibau Tokanikai KPF 4/2013 no result, receipts
Terawauea Teinamati KPPS 4/2013 no result
Tewera Rutia   4/2013 no SAS form, app letter and bcf
Tinakai Taakeata MFED 2/2013 no invoice

2015 In-Service Training

Application Form for In-Service Training 2015 is now available for download. For those applying from Ministries and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) please use this  MIN/SOE Application Form. And for those applying from the Private Sector, use this  KCCI/KANGO Application Form. For your information you can download the  In-Service Priority List and the  Pre-Service Priority List. Deadlines as follows:

  1. All Applicants should submit their completed Application Form to their respective Ministry/SOE/KCCI or KANGO no later than 2nd June 2014 for assement and endorsement;
  2. All assessed and endorsed Application Forms from Minitries/SOEs/KCCI or KANGO should be submitted to PSO no later than 30th July 2014 for final process. Late Applications will not be accepted.

Chinese PIF Program

Chinese Government Scholarship – PIF Program

Chinese Government Scholarship is now open for the Public to apply.

Contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs on phone number: 21432 for full detail. Please note that this scholarship is considered as Private Award therefore Public servant awarded with this scholarship should apply for leave without pay or to apply for In-service Award (application form will be out in 1st April, 2014) at PSO.

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